"I had so much fun today, I just want to keep working on my project all night. I really liked the structured process, it gave me the confidence to direct myself to my own goal, and to feel on top of my project."

Maya, 14, Tel Aviv

October 2020

"I took the Activist Photography course, and every day we got to learn more, take more photos, think about the bigger pic, plan the details and apply a personal message. It felt good to be challenged."

Ido, 14, Tel Aviv

October 2020

"I loved the opportunity to dive deep and think for myself. What I want to speak about, what I want to say. Having a framework to learn a subject, and define on your personal angle - that was powerful".

Naomi, 14, Tel Aviv

October 2020

Refreshing online learning journeys. Wellbeing driven offline activities. 



What if...

you could learn what you love?

ReShuffle aims to eliminate school boredom and ongoing apathy, and replace it with enthusiastic, passionate, future-driven learning adventures. We aspire to reduce stress, anxiety and depression caused by the current educational system and trade them with a sense of capability, self confidence and happiness.


Who is ReShuffle for?


Reshuffle is for those who seek an opportunity to learn and to develop their uniqueness, their talents and skills. It’s for those who are tired of boring zoom sessions, and want to make the most out of their day to day. For now, our focus is middle school students, but moving forward, we’ll be looking to expand our age range.

How does ReShuffle work?​

ReShuffle is a hybrid (blended) learning platform combining two inseparable activities:

  1. Online learning journeys, using various tech tools, where each student takes his/her courses of choice, interacts with mentors and friends, and builds a portfolio for life.

  2. Offline well being-driven agenda, where students meet their friends and work in a positive, supportive environment, that is significant for their development.

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Real life learning and personalised journeys

Reshuffle is our interpretation of the ideal learning and teaching environment: relevant, personalised and ever evolving.

  • Choose your subjects and learn from global experts

  • Implement knowledge and practice know-how through personal projects

  • Build a portfolio of your work

  • Perfect your English 

  • Master basic and advanced tech tools 

  • Improve your focus, your energy and your general wellbeing

  • Acquire 21st century skills (creative and critical thinking, teamwork, storytelling, planning, execution, feedback implementation, ongoing optimisation and more)



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