A brand is born

by Yael Shafrir, Co-Founder and CEO of ReShuffle, global marketer and keynote speaker

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Task 0: Your Product

The MacDonald brothers' speedy system is the perfect example of matching a solution to a problem. A must-watch! (watch until 

To organize the info regarding your product or service - use this form


Session 1: Your Brand

Watch the Branding Explained video to catch up with branding essentials. 


Next, view Burger King's Chief Marketing Officer as he talks about how Brand Values fuel brilliant moves like the Whopper Detour and The Moldy Whopper


Session 3: Know Your Target Market

Watch this brand design must-have video for a quick drill down into the brand elements.

Next, watch again the Branding Explained video to inspire yourself with some great examples.


Session 4: The Brief

Watch the Whopper Detour video - a marketing masterpiece!

Next, check out the must-watch ad from and enjoy storytelling at its best.

Ready to prepare your brief? Go for it!
Here is a good example for you to keep in mind while working on yours...

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