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The Cooking Quest

With chef and food blogger Eden David, who cooked all around the world, including in Michelin-Star restaurants, and was a finalist on Game of Chefs!

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Click here to read an inspiring article about 19 new British Michelin-Star restaurants, and watch the exciting video of chef Nathan Davies getting his Michelin Star!


Now click here for an article in which world-famous Michelin chefs discuss their comfort foods. 


Don't know what ingredients to use? Don't worry!

Click here for the ultimate guide on seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Click here to get inspired with a list of the 100 most popular dishes in the world.

As far as recipes are concerned, you can't do any better than legendary chef icon Jamie Oliver! A pioneer in TV cooking, Oliver is an expert in unique and simple recipes. Click here to check out his Tortellini In Brodo.

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Before you start cooking, click here to make sure you have all the basic information you need with an article on common cooking methods.


And in case your recipe uses imperial measurements, click here to get all your portions right by converting to metric measurements. 

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In order to best understand the Mise en place process, watch this episode of the show Mise En Place, which takes place in a Michelin restaurant. 

Learn how it's done from the very best!


It's very important to keep your cooking safe! 

Click here for tips from the CDC on how to avoid food poisoning while cooking. 


Click here to sharpen your food tasting skills with an article with the giant food network, Le Corodon Blue!

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Click here to get inspired with 25 awesome twists to classic recipes!

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Click here to understand the importance of reading recipes thoroughly, and learn how to read them like a professional chef!

Get inspired with this video of ordinary people tasting street food from all around the world.


Click here to read 12 golden plating tips from the best chefs in the world!

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Perfect your plating skills with this video from the Institute of Culinary Education on plating.

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