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The Interior Design Quest

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To make this knowledge more concrete, check out this hands-on recap of the color theory and some best practices.

Interior designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Master provide you with the basics while at the same time suggest that following any theory at all is not necessary.

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There's no better place to kick off your experimentation phase than by diving into some of the great color scheme inspiration on Pinterest.

Start there and see where your creativity takes you. Enjoy!



How can you change the light in your home for a happier and more productive you?

Fortunately, there is a lot of scientific research aout the profound effects lighting has on your mood, emotions, and wellbeing.

But -

Instead of remodeling your home, you may just a need a slight tweaking of your lighting scheme.

Check out this lighting guide!

Check out Faazati Ali's Top 7 Interior Design Focal Point Ideas!

Find inspiration to make a statement in your room of choice and transform your it into a stunning space!

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If you want to create the Gantt chart yourself, and practice this skill, that's really important for every project management -

check out this video that will help you level up.

To use the template in my example - click here!




Is it possible to complete a meaningful makeover within 24 hours?

You bet!

Check out Sarah Betts' video to learn from her ideas and experience, a get inspired. 

Looking for a bigger challenge at this phase? Check out this video for guidance on how to improve different areas in your song.

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