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Aerial View of Deforestation

The 1st Eco-Consulting Quest

with Liat Zvi, Eco-consultant and activist, founder of Meatless Monday and Earth Hour in Israel. 


Get inspired to make a change by watching this video - a brilliant and in-your-face display of our consumer culture. 

This video is ancient, but still - IMHO it's one of the best when it comes to explaining the life cycle of a product. 

Follow them and check out their website to see the latest stuff.

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Bamboo is making a name for itself as a resource that's both remarkably useful and environmentally friendly. Watch to learn more about its speed of growth making it a renewable resource and the various ways to use it across different industries.


Anchor 2 ra materials
Anchor 3 end of use

When planning the end of your product's life, you aim to use recyclable, organic raw materials. There's a lot of info out there on this topic, and we don't want you to get lost.

Click here to check out this list of 20 green raw materials

The attention to plastic pollution is on the rise thanks to documentarists doing an important work revealing the damage the plastic industry is causing. The trailer will give you a good enough clue of what's it about. We do not link the full movie, as it's pretty hard to watch.

To balance - here's a video showing there's room for optimism. Veolia is a company turning garbage into raw materials with technology that helps sorting and recycling. Watch them in action!


More good news on the fashion front

As consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their clothing, environmentally conscious brands like Madewell, Patagonia, Stella McCartney and Eileen Fisher are tackling the problem in clever ways and making a real impact on their environmental footprint. Read more

And if you haven't heard on Mud Jeans yet - it's about time :) Lean how jeans can be circular.

Anchor 4 product use


The environmental price of shipping

Have you ever thought about the price of 2-days shipping? This video will help you understand the benefits of impulse control and standard shipping.

Anchor 5 rest of cycle


What do people want?  Second hand clothes!

More than half of millennial and generation Z have changed their fashion preferences. Why is that?

Watch to find out!

How can we make our coffee more sustainable? It's not only the cups at the coffeeshop, but also the coffee capsules and the creams to go. Watch Delibru's solution for reducing waste without compromising your morning routine! 

This video provides a great and simple explanation of the linear and circular economies. 

It's enough to look at the way the living world works to understand what we've been doing wrong and learn how to fix it. 

Better late than never!


Watch this video with Rohan Marley, ambassador of the House of Marley, explaining the transformation of raw material used to create eco-friendly audio accessories. 

Using naturally renewable bamboo, FSC certified wood, as well as recycled aluminum, plastic, and fabrics, they represent Bob’s vision of universal love, music and respect for nature.

Anchor 6 transformation

7 y/o Grace Wang is undoubtedly an attention grabber :) But she's also super confident with her story and understands the rules of a TED presentation.

Watch her as she talks the talks and walks the walk!

12 y/o ​Haaziq Kazi is another amazing example of how teenagers can lead a change. Watch his brilliant presentation and let it inspire you to structure your story and present it in your own way. 

Here's my LCA Presentation example:

slide 1.png

Slide 1

slide 3.png
slide 2.png

Slide 2

Slide 4.png

Slide 3


Anchor 7 LCA presentation
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Slide 5

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