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  • How do I join the program?
    ReShuffle is currently operated via schools, municipalities and other education driven organizations. If you're a part of such an entity, please don't hesitate to reach out via the contact us form or chatbot on our website and our team will get back to you asap. However, we’re considering opening a new group of students independent of any school. We have a minimum of 50 students with a maximum of 100 students for this group. If you’re interested, please write an email to titled “I want to join ReShuffle’s Independent Group” and we’ll get back to you with more details.
  • What is the added value of ReShuffle?
    Our goal is to give students personal value and goals that would encourage them to do their best. By experiencing professional processes and developing practical skills through sheer interest in relevant topics, we help improve their English skill significantly to be able to consume content and communicate with the modern world more than ever before. In other words - we understand the new reality in which the students live in. We strive to give them a sense of personal motivation, empathy and drive to help them navigate the world with clearer purpose, using the most spoken language in the world. For feedback, ideas or any other question - please send a message via our chatbot, Contact us form on our site, or send us a direct message on our Instagram.
  • What is ReShuffle?
    ReShuffle is a personal growth platform, allowing students to acquire and practice English skills while exploring and developing topics of interest. In terms of English skills - we focus on reading, writing, speaking, reading and listening comprehension, theme lead vocabulary and spontaneous conversation. In terms of topics of interest - core concept is real-world-jobs. We developed bite-sized courses (aka quests) around topics like marketing, fashion design, music creation, environmental consulting, sports training and many more.
  • How do I register?
    If you’re registered via your school - you need to get the class code from your teacher. Once you have that - go to Instagram, search and type the code in a direct message to us. You will get an automated response that will instruct you what to do next. Follow the instructions to complete registration.
  • What are the details required for the registration?
    The only thing you need to know in advance is the class code that you get from your English teacher. If you’re an independent ReShuffler in our pilot group - the code will appear in your email inbox after you finalize your purchase.
  • How do I know if I’m registered?
    If your class is using ReShuffle, it means your school has purchased our program, so all students are registered. If you’re an independent ReShuffler in our pilot group - look for an email with the subject line: “Thanks for registering. It’s time to start ReShuffling!” Make sure to check the same email you used to purchase ReShuffle.
  • I Can't find the link to the app in my DM. How do I get in?
    Make sure you are checking the messages from, and not the account of the specific quests you chose. The link should show up right after you put in your class code. The link should send you directly to your professional portfolio app, however you can press this link and connect.
  • Ok, I got in. What should I do next?
    Once you have chosen your quest, log into instagram and click on the page of your chosen quest. In the page’s highlights you can see the list of Phases for the quest. Click on the first one, named introduction to start your journey. For additional context and aid, please visit our youtube channel, and specifically this video, that guides you through the registration process. Other videos in the ‘How To’ section will explain what a ReShuffle quest is, show you how to start your quest, how to submit your tasks etc.
  • Where can I find the full list of quests?
    Check out our Quests section on YouTube, or go to the list on our website for written descriptions.
  • Who are the ReShuffle experts?
    Our experts were carefully chosen for their unique experiences, great approach, passion for their profession, and willingness to share their workflows with students, in a way that fits the ReShuffle methodology.
  • If I have a content specific question - who should I ask?
    If you have a question that’s related to the specific quest you’re doing, you can use each of the following channels: Your quest Discord group. One of the @helper roles or other students in your group would love to help. The #help channel on Discord. Either student or the ReShuffle team will answer your question. The Instagram DM. Just start a conversation and you will be unanswered either by our chatbot or by one of our team members.
  • How do I upload my tasks?
    Head to your portfolio app, look for the task number you wish to submit and click on the button to upload your task. Important: before uploading your task, make sure to share it on your Discord’s quest group to get your teammate’s feedback. Feel free to make any further changes before uploading the final task to your portfolio app. For additional context and aid, please visit our youtube channel, and specifically this video, that explains how to submit tasks to your portfolio app. Feel free to explore additional explanations in the How To section.
  • When creating a story as a task - do I need to publish it on my private account?
    Not at all. You can use Instagram story as an editing tool to combine text, visual, links, gifs etc. Once you’re done creating, click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner and choose save. Your story will be saved to your device and ready to be uploaded to both your Discord group and to your portfolio app. This video will show you how to submit a task.
  • How can I save a story without publishing it?
    After editing your video, click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner and choose save. Read the previous question for further explanation.
  • Is Discord open to everyone?
    Our quest groups are invite-based and should not include people that are not part of the program. They are monitored closely to keep the discourse positive and make sure every student is getting the feedback and help they need.
  • Why should I share my tasks on Discord?
    Sharing your work gives you bonus points to your grade in school, as well as leaving at least 5 comments on other students' work. Beyond that, in ReShuffle we like to encourage shared learning to improve communication, in order to promote inspiration, getting and giving feedback and a general better understanding of your chosen subject.
  • How do I open a Discord account?
    Click on the link to join your Discord Quest Channel in the message you got on Instagram. Click on Accept Invite. Download the Discord app to your phone. Once downloaded, click on the Register button to create a new user. From there simply fill up the form and follow discord instructions.
  • How do I create a Discord password?
    You just choose whichever password you wish when you’re first asked to fill in your password. We recommend sticking to something that you usually use or keep an organized documentation of all your passwords.
  • What is a Discord @Helper at ReShuffle?
    A Discord @Helper is a student granted with the trust and responsibility to help answer other students with a variety of questions they might have. If you want to become a helper, reach out to us through the Instagram DM.
  • How does a quest end?
    The end goal of a quest is to finalize a personal project and present it to your teacher and classmates. You’ll be showing your tasks with an emphasis on the last one, and talk about the process, including key insights. This should not take long than a couple of minutes. Make sure to know what you want to talk about, and prepare and rehearse in advance, so this experience would be enjoyable for you, and inspiring for others. Remember, it’s always intimidating to speak in front of an audience in the first times, but it get better as you practice!
  • Why should I present in class?
    Obviously the presentation is part of the grade, and that’s important, but it’s not the main reason. The opportunity to present in front of an audience, in English, is one you should really appreciate as you’ll really need this skill in the future. Also, the Demo Day is an opportunity to inspire your classmates to follow your footsteps and take your quest too (in the next cycle), so consider it as a gift to others.
  • How should I choose my next quest?
    Once you complete a quest and participate in a Demo Day (your in-class presentation event), you’ll know a lot more about the quests, and the potential benefits for you. Pay attention, be involved, ask questions, and then, when the time comes - listen to your heart and choose the quest that really interests you the most.
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