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Frequently Asked Questions

*If your question is not on the list - use the chatbot to ping us and ask your question.

Q: How do I register?  

A: Go to on Instagram, type hi (or any other one word message) and follow the instructions. 


Q: Can I change quests after I start?  

A: Yes, but only after one session. The reason for this is that if you change quests after you’ve already completed several stages, you’ll develop a gap when you have to start over. Remember - each quest only takes a month. 


Q: How do I change quests?  

A: In the Portfolio - click on the three dots in the top right corner, then click on choose quest, and select a different quest. 


Q: Can we complete the tasks in groups?  

A: Ultimately, the quest experience is individual, and so are the tasks and (obviously) personal projects. Feel free to work together on any task, but submit them separately. 


Q: Can I submit tasks before the deadline?  

A: It’s better to dive deeper than to run fast. Don’t rush through the quests, and don’t skip the group feedback! Having said that, if you end up binging the quest, feel free to help your friends out after you’re done.


Q: How to use external links?  

A: Throughout our quests, we include links to external videos and articles to inspire you and let you learn from global experts on the topic. All links take you to a dedicated page - just scroll to the relevant content and broaden your perspective. 


Q: How to submit a task?  

A: Submission divides into 2 parts:

Share in the Discord Quest Channel - Seek out feedback from your peers before finally submitting your task. You’re all in this together, exercise teamwork!

Submit through the Portfolio - upload your completed task to


Q: How am I getting graded?

A: Reshuffle uses a point system, where you get 10 points for completing each task, and then another 30 for the presentation at the end of the cycle. 

In addition there are bonus points where you can get 5 points for sharing your task, and 5 points for giving helpful feedback on a questmate’s work.


Q: How is the Discord moderated?  

A: First of all, have a look at  #community-rules for the code of conduct.

If you break the rules, we will have to take action as we must protect the ReShuffle community. If you spam, swear, or use inappropriate language, we’ll have to time you out. However for repeated events, or harsher misbehaviours, we’ll have to permanently suspend you and notify your school.


Q: What is a Helper?

A: Helper is a special role for students who want to go above and beyond in assisting others with either technology or their tasks. Go to the #helper-applications channel to find out about the role, the benefits that come with it, and how to become a helper.


Q: Please explain the Key Terms I need to know (especially to those of you who are new to Instagram and Discord) 

A: Sure! Here are the most important ones:

Instagram Highlight - A collection of stories. Each highlight within each quest page is a separate learning session, with a unique task at the end. 


Instagram DM - DM means Direct Message. This function is used to privately message on Instagram. In our case, it’s where you register for your quest. 


ReShuffle’s Discord Server - A community on Discord dedicated to ReShuffle, where you can find different channels on different subjects, all meant to guide and support you through the quest experience. 


Discord Quest Channel - Each quest has its own Discord Quest Channel, where all the students that have chosen a given quest can share their work, comment and consult each other on specific tasks.


Quest - A professional journey led by an industry expert, that uses Instagram features to create a practical “guide book”. Each quest involves inspirations and experiences, knowledge and know-how, tasks and examples. Upon completing them you’re able to execute your own personal professional project, and present it in a ReShuffle Portfolio.

ReShuffle Portfolio - This is a webapp where you submit all your quest related tasks. Once all 7 tasks are submitted, your portfolio will become a certificate, a badge of honor you can share with friends, family and even potential employers.

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