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The Journalism Quest

with Ittay Asher, a journalist and content creator, web series expert and a believer in the power of personal stories to reflect reality in the best way possible.



Brittany Spanos is a staff writer at Rolling Stone, where she covers music, fandom and pop culture. Check out her great story and visual descriptions in this article

In 2016, Nuseir Yassin quit his job at Venmo and decided to explore the world with the intention of documenting his travels and experiences on video. This resulted in his founding the video production company Nas Daily Corporation, where he released a one-minute-long video daily for 1,000 days.

As you can see, this journey ended with millions of followers waiting to watch Yassin's next adventure and a priceless experience in storytelling, admired by the best media experts in the world. 
Check out his video!

The Story


Caroline Kitchener is a national political reporter covering abortion at The Washington Post. She won a Pulitzer for reporting that captured the complex consequences of life after Roe v. Wade, including this story of a Texas teenager who gave birth to twins after new restrictions denied her an abortion.


This deck deals with different types of interview in news reporting and will help you catch up with some journalism basics.


Your Interviewee

How to evaluate if a source is reliable and accurate? Watch this video for a short explanation.



Mike Dronkers' hilarious Ted Talk reveals some of the secrets of a great interview. It's worthwhile listening to this guy, who's the host of a popular radio program, interviewed hundreds of people, and his behind-the-scenes work has earned him several national prizes, including an Edward R. Murrow award for radio documentary.

This video will really help you ask the questions that will tell your story in the best way.  


The Interview

Mark Bone an award-winning, documentary and commercial director based in Toronto, Canada. Watch this video in which he explains different interview styles and how to work with your camera to maximize the look of the interview video.

Watch this video for a full understanding of what B Roll is.

Watch this video interview with journalist Craig Melvin to sharpen your interview style.



My hot air balloon video. Watch with English subtitles.

A super practical video to help you craft your draft. Check it out!


Final Edit


Write Killer Newspaper Headlines like a Professional in 7 Easy Steps

Quickly dive into the editing world, using this super efficient guide. A must-read!


Now wrap your head around the concept of subheadings and everything else that will help your readers to complete reading your story while also promoting your story online.

Last but not least - get familiar with pull quotes.

This article will explain the role of pull quotes in supporting the reader journey through your story.

FREE top 3 recommended video editing apps  - no watermarks and works on mobile phones!

And finally

My completed video introducing Yaniv the skater. Watch with English subtitles.

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