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The 1st Medicine Quest

with Dr. Yonatan Goffer, a pediatrist, a medical advisor and a columnist sharing his end-of-shift thoughts. Also an amateur DJ & musician, and a fanatic football fan.



Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen was rushed to hospital after collapsing during Euro 2020 opening match with Finland - this is the medical case I'm going to use in this quest. Check out the details in this article!

Anchor 1 introduction
Anchor 2 Your patient


Watch my friend Roi Shternin's Ted Talk, talking about how he started a revolution from his bed, and understand how important it is to make the right diagnosis.


Taking a Patient's History

This article is really a good summary of the history taking process, providing both important guidelines and best practices. Short and to the point!

Now is your turn to interview!


Anchor 3 Diagnosis

To make sure you understand everything in this quest - we recommend using this wonderful dictionary from Harvard Medical School, explaining every possible medical term, from A to Z.


Wanna learn how this
is done in "reality"?

Watch Dr. House as he performs speed diagnosis, using his own, unique, terribly-rude style. Please do not see him as a role model and do not try this at home :) This works for a TV star, not for a real doctor. 


Anchor 4 Physical exam

How do you conduct a full physical exam?

Start by watching this amazing TikTok, explaining everything you should be looking at when examining a patient in the simplest way, really.


At-home Testings - Reflexes

At-home Testings - Neurologic Exam

Anchor 5 Hidden cause


You Are What You Eat

What can a poor diet cause?

Being a "fussy" eater could cause severe damage


The story of a woman who mistook a serving of wasabi for avocado. This is what happened...


You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep deprivation is an epidemic among teenagers. These are the symptoms that will make you notice it

Active Life = Healthy Life?

Watch the potential risks of over exercising and learn how to recognise the symptoms


Is It All In Your Head?

Read to learn more about how

mental disorders, like depression, 

effect the body.

Learn More about

Diagnosis In BioFeedback - this specific example is of a company turning smartphones into diagnostic tools.

Anchor 6 New approach
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