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Stacks of Records

The Music Creation Quest

with Yuval Shafrir, CEO of Dynamo Record Label,

an awarded music producer, a passionate drummer and a serial band member


Watch Dave Grohl's inspiring and hilarious keynote speech at the SXSW, the biggest music convention at Austin, Texas, USA.


Read this article to get some song ideas for the topic of your song

Anchor 1 inspiration


Watch this video to go behind the scenes of Bernie and Elton's collaboration, which produced so many hits and magical music moments.


24 tips for writing lyrics

What will work well for one lyricist will not necessarily work for another, but here are some tips, tricks, dos and don'ts...

Sting shares with maximal honesty how he overcame his writer's block and wrote his 11th album, The Last Ship. You'll be surprised.

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Check out this simple explanation of how a Verse-Chorus Song Structure Works, by The Song Factory.

Check out Izotope story of 6 different artists talking about their creative processes.

6 Artists Talk about Their Creative Processes_edited.jpg


Anchor 3 structure
Anchor 4 tune

Check out this folder full of tunes - choose one that fits your mood!


Some of the tunes include 1 verse & 1 chorus (SHORT) and others include 2 verse & 1 chorus (LONG).

Running Dog
 The ReShuffle Tune Folder 

Watch Chris Martin from Coldplay as he shares the experience of writing Yellow overnight.

7 Songs Where the Verses Just Repeat

Sounds dull? Well - expect a surprise. These songs have something more to say despite their repetitive structure

Anchor 5 fine tune


Watch Amy Winehouse in the studio with Mark Ronson, during the original recordings of Back to Black. Priceless!

Watch this video about How to improve your melody with suspensions to learn how to take your tune to the next level.


Check out this folder full of fine-tuned tunes - choose one that fits your mood!


Some of the tunes include 1 verse & 1 chorus (SHORT) and others include 2 verse & 1 chorus (LONG).

 The ReShuffle Fine-Tune Folder 
 Colorful Bird

This video address different ways to improve your lyrics with some simple change of mind set.


How to find your own authentic voice?

Start with listening to Ramsey's. story and tips!

Watch this video to learn all about capturing the “perfect” performance of your song in a recording.

Anchor 6 performance

Check out this article for a simple and practical explanation on shaking off the awkwardness.

It's never easy to show your work to others.

At the same time - it's the best feeling in the world.

I'll start :)

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