Our Quests

What if... you could not only learn what you love, but also learn from the best? What if you could also use your learning to execute ideas and projects you already have in mind, waiting to be born? And if we told you you could do it now, FREE of charge?

ReShuffle is kicking off a pilot and invites you, wherever you are, to take part in one of our next bite-sized, interactive, collaborative courses, which we call "quests".

A Brand is Born


A quest for brand lovers, led by the global marketer and branding specialist Yael Shafrir.


Get familiar with marketing essentials and learn how to build your own brand. Start with promise and vision, drill down to understanding the target audience, figure out your distribution and tell your story in ways that will attract your clients. Last but not least - work with your teammates to polish your ideas and execute your strategy!

Activist Photography

An extreme sprint course, led by the rockstar photographer and activist Eldad Rafaeli. 

Meet the basics of photography, rediscover your phone-camera features, learn and practice portrait shooting, find your own authentic say and use your fresh knowledge and know-how to crystalize an activist artwork. On top - work with your coursemates to turn your personal projects into the team’s activist move, and experience how art can change the world.

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