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Choose Your Quest!

A quest for the active and passionate leaders, with CrossFit champions and world-class trainers Mor & Yoav Asa.

A run through the physical and mental aspects of sports training, in the field you love the most!
Join a group of sports lovers for a unique experience as a sports instructor: learn the basics, get inspired, choose your audience and build the perfect training plan for your future trainees!

A quest for people who care about our planet, led by the admirable environmental expert and activist Liat Zvi.

Get familiar with the up-and-coming profession of environmental consulting. From raw materials to end of use - you will explore existing methods vs. environmentally friendly ones in order to make a change. Join a group of nature lovers for a quest that will change your view on product forever! 

A quest for musicians and musicians-to-be, guided by award-winning music producer and gifted drummer Yuval Shafrir.

Join a group of music lovers and climb this stairway to heaven! Explore the process of soul searching and songwriting, jam out what you’ve got to say, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating an original song from scratch.

A quest for sharp, curios minds, led by pediatric doctor Yonatan Goffer.

Learn the basics of medicine: examine and diagnose a real patient, consult doctors, create a full second opinion on a medical mystery of your choice - all from a doctor's point of view. 
Explore alternative and complementary diagnoses, and find the cause of your patient’s condition, side-by-side with a team of medicine enthusiasts!

A quest for brand lovers, led by the global marketer and branding specialist Yael Shafrir.


Get familiar with marketing essentials and learn how to build your own brand. Start with promise and vision, drill down to understanding the target audience, figure out your distribution and tell your story in ways that will attract your clients. Last but not least - work with your teammates to polish your ideas and execute your strategy!

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