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Marketing is the process of getting people interested in your product or service.
Join marketing expert Yael Shafrir and teens from around the globe for 1 month long (8 sessions) quest, in which you'll build your brand from scratch and learn how to reach your customers.

What if... you could learn what you love?


We will start on July 11th 2021, save your
Sunday mornings for ReShuffling!

* You will have 4 Sunday sessions and 4 sessions in between - whenever works for you.



In the branding quest you will execute a personal project through the following steps:

Defining your brand strategy 

vision, mission, brand values, target audience

The secret sauce - getting intimate with your target persona

Analyzing the competitive landscape to pinpoint your advantages

Defining your most effective distribution channels

Building and designing brand elements according to your brand values.

Marketing and especially branding are required to build your business - whatever it is, but also to show off your talent or expertise, to promote your social agenda, or even to put up your next social page.

Join our next marketing pilot and gain valuable skills for life (for FREE)!

Marketing is a skill you will ALWAYS need!


(We're still in pilot phase. This quest is now FREE of charge)

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