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The 2nd Sports Training Quest

with athlete, ninja trainer and physical therapist, Yarden Hassid.

Discover the secrets of the human body to train effectively and holistically!

Anchor 1introduction
Anchor 2 Movement

Watch how similar an orange is to our fascia.
The fascia which surrounds every muscle fiber in our body is like the white part of an orange that covers all of its juice. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 4.33.08 PM.png

How does the fascia relate to movement? 

Dr. Hoven explains how the Fascial System works in our body. It connects our muscles, joints, organs, nerves, and blood vessels and creates a network between them. Learn what can you do to help support your Fascial System. 

Anchor 3 Goal


Get inspired by watching Roye Gold's smooth moves. He meets all five functional fitness goals - balance, strength, endurance, coordination, and mobility.

Create a full-body workout!

Using the Exercise Bank, choose some exercises to fill out the table. 

Sports 2 HL 3.jpg


Anchor 4 Modification

The Global triathlon is no joke.T first few runs are usually the most challenging. Use these 8 tools to help your trainee run without stopping! The level of experience doesn't matter, step by step!

Listen to @thebodyweightwarrior Tom Merrick explain the relationship between active and passive flexibility. Try some tests and see how they impact your flexibility.  

Doing these 25 stretches from Pigmie, can help you reach your flexibility goals. 


Anchor 5 personalization


Anchor 6 Experience

read up this list of ideas to make your workout more fun.



Watch these two iconic scenes from these great movies. Observe the coach's motivational speech and how "tough love" is used toward the athlete. 

Anchor 7 Commitment

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