About us

We are a new, hybrid, holistic learning platform. We aim to eliminate school boredom and ongoing apathy, and replace it with enthusiastic, passionate, future-driven learning adventures. We aspire to ignite a change and reposition learning, so that it inspires, motivates and improves the lives of teens and their communities.

ReShuffle’s core team includes startup executives, academic leaders and teenagers, all working side-by-side to crack the new learning system - one that will support both socio-emotional needs, and self-development aspirations.

“If  you want to truly understand something,

try to change it”.

Kurt Lewin

01 / Our Approach

Learn what you love, aquire relevant skills as you go. 

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02 / Real Life Learning

Learn from experts, from their experience, their knowledge and know-how, their passion.

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03 / Holistic View

Investing in students' wellbeing is critical to unleashing their potential.

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04 / Portfolio

Build a portfolio that reflects talent, skills and execution abilities.

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05 / Global Scale

Use digital platforms, partnerships, and latest research to allow meeting students' future needs.

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Co-Founder, CEO

An international business executive with extensive experience building media ecosystems from scratch, accelerating growth and running P&Ls across multiple locations. 

Former CMO of Meet in Place, VP of International Partnerships at Playbuzz and VP of Business Development at Trendline.



Co-Founder, CPO

A Product Leader with a demonstrated record of delivering impactful solutions in a variety of industries. Strong background in consumer - grade experiences, product strategy and analytical thinking.

Led product teams at eBay, PayPal, WeWork and GoTo Global.



Head of Operations

Social worker specialized in working with at-risk kids and vulnerable communities, both in Israel (Kishurit Village, Zinuk Psychometric Center for People with Learning Disabilities and Einav center for juvenile delinquency) and in Uganda (women with HIV). Former Head of Partnerships at Kan Public Broadcasting.




An 11th grade student, a participant of the MEET project by MIT, a music lover and a true believer in personalized self-interest driven education.




A 9th grade student, a social media enthusiast and musician.

An all-around researcher and a passionate advocate of learning through real-life practices.



An 11th grade student, amateur singer and literature lover.

An extrovert, feminist and social equality supporter.