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The Acting Quest

with Ola Schur Selektar, an experienced and professional actress, singer, songwriter and acting teacher

Anchor 1 introduction


The best place to see Ola acting is in the theater, but she has done many films and TV shows, including starring in the film Igor and the Craner Journey. 

Watch the trailer here.


Watch the legendary Jack Nicholson's brilliant performance in the hit film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest from 1975. 

Now watch award-winning actress Winona Ryder, known for her quirky on-screen personality, in the movie Reality Bites.

Next, watch Nicholson retain his on-screen personality in a completely different role (22 years later!) in the Academy-Award-winning film As Good as it Gets.

Next, watch Ryder display the same sweet oddness in a completely different role on the hit show Stranger Things.

Anchor 2 inspiration

This video shows Ryder's quirky personality even while she's off-screen, illustrating how she stays true to herself during her roles!

For an actress that displays versatility in her different roles, look no further than the almighty Meryl Streep! Watch her performance in Sophie's Choice (1982).

Now witness Streep's unmatched versatility by watching her performance in The Devil Wears Prada, 24 years later.

Now watch the incredible Academy-Award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis play a tough gangster in the acclaimed film Gangs of New York (2002).

Watch Day-Lewis demonstrate remarkable diversity by portraying Abraham Lincoln in the 2012 biographical film Lincoln.


To further understand the importance of context in acting, watch Heath Ledger's incredible performance as a gay cowboy in the American West of the 60s-80s in the renowned film Brokeback Mountain.


Watch the amazing Jake Gyllenhaal discuss his character in Brokeback Mountain

Anchor 3 context
Anchor 4 character

In order to further understand character-work, get inspired by watching this rare video of the sensational Maryl Streep explaining her acting process. 


Click here to read an article about the processes the 8 professional actors
use when building backstory for their characters!


Click here for a fascinating article with advice on how to get into your character and be as convincing and authentic as possible!

Anchor 5 purpose
Anchor 6 rehearsals


Get inspired by watching Robyn Williams' unbelievable acting versatility on this cooking show. Amazing!  


Click here for an article displaying Kate Winslet's incredible dramatic acting in her five best crying scenes. 

Anchor 7 performance


We know memorizing an entire monologue might seem impossible, but don't worry! 

Click here for an inspiring article on how iconic actors overcome the challenges of memorizing their lines. 


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