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The Fashion Design Quest

with Naomi Maaravi, an international designer working with the biggest brands and an up-cycled fashion pioneer

Anchor 1 introduction


With a sewing machine in the kitchen and a laundry in the bathtub: Oliver Gemperle, a former roommate of Daniel and Markus Freitag, tells us how the FREITAG story began back in the early 90s.

A must read for creative, environment loving designers.



Look at the pic and try to guess the inspiration for Stella Mccartney's collection. What is it?

I challenge you to write down 5 options.

Click to see if you go it right.

Anchor 2 inspiration

Listen to Maria (Erixon) Levin, co-founder of Nudie Jeans and artistic advisor, sharing her story about the orange thread, her passion for denim, and how she fell in love with the beautiful Japanese Kaihara selvage.


Watch the legendary designer Jean-Paul Gaultier talk about his childhood and how it inspired him to design for customers that are "a little different" and his opinion - the most beautiful.

This is your customer brief
Anchor 3 customer

In this amazing scene, Miranda, editor of "Runway", America's most prestigious fashion journal, (Meryl Streep) sets Andy (Anne Hathaway) straight when she laughs at their debate over two seemingly similar belts.

Watch fashion storytelling at its best!


The designer and LVMH Prize winner, Marine Serre, talks about "regenerated" garments and about the process behind them. Spoiler: not an easy one.

How does Marine Serre revive damages clothes?

Watch more videos 

Anchor 4 vision
Anchor 5 plan




Watch this video to avoid panic attack :)

It will help you review your process so far, refine if needed, and start the creation phase calmly.

Anchor 6 execution
Anchor 7 presentation


The world of labels

Metal labels, leather labels, PVC(rubber, silicone) labels, fabric labels, and TPU labels...

25 different types of labels in garments.

Check out the options and choose yours. 

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