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The Branding Quest

with Yael Shafrir, Co-Founder and CEO of ReShuffle,

global marketer and keynote speaker.


Watch Steve Jobs' introducing the iPhone at MacWorld 2007, a truly historic moment and a presentation that will be remembered forever.

Your Product

Anchor 1 inspiration
Anchor 2 your product

The MacDonald brothers' speedy system is the perfect example of matching a solution to a problem.

A must-watch! 

A product brief


To organise the info regarding your product or service - use this form.

Check out my example​, about my dog sitting business.

Target Audience

Clearly defined target audience is vital to the long-term success of any business. 

Check our this video by Exposure Ninja, explaining the essential beginner's basics of target audience definition.

Anchor 3 target audience


Brand Values

Watch Burger King's Chief Marketing Officer as he talks about how Brand Values fuel brilliant moves like The Whopper Detour and The Moldy Whopper.

Watch the best selling author Simon Sinek as he provides his take on brand values.

Anchor 4 Brand values


Anchor 5 Distribution

To distribute your brand, you will probably use different marketing channels. What are the most trending marketing channels, what are the right ones for your brand and what are the best practices for each channel?

This article covers it all.

Brand Elements

Watch the Branding Explained video to inspire yourself with some great brand elements' examples.

Anchor 6 Brand elements

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